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The Romance Reviews

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Author Spotlight Interview

Greetings all!

This journey began for me in May of 2010. It was Mother's Day and it was the end of a beautiful day which I spent with my daughter. Regrettably, it ended way too early because she had to go pick up my grandson and I needed to do some housework. Once I got home I looked out the window at the beautiful sunset, and decided housework could wait. I walked over to my wine stash, picked out a bottle and poured myself a glass. Next, I grabbed my kindle and curled up on the couch to find something to read as the glow of the sunset washed over me.

While browsing, I stumbled across a piece by Katie Salidas, and finding the title interesting, I settled in for some urban fantasy reading, a genre I had recently become engrossed in, but more on that later in the week.

As a new author, I am learning so much that is awe-inspiring. I am just this simple girl from East Harlem with crazy ideas and I am diving right in what with the blogging, tweeting, networking in general, events ... who would've thunk it? I am having the time of my life encountering some really wonderful, supportive, talented people and I feel like I have just awoken in my heaven. Among these people, is Ms. Katie Salidas. I owe all this to her. She encouraged me and made me believe I could do this, and that people would be interested. So imagine my glee when she asked to interview me for her "Author Spotlight" series on her blog. This would be my first interview for the masses! I was thrilled!

Please peruse this talented author's blog and read about her books, her publishing/editing tips -- which by the way, were extremely helpful to me -- as well as an impressive array of previous author spotlights. You'll fall in love with her and her work just as I did!

And now, for your reading pleasure, I'd like to share my interview with Katie.



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