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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and Joe Kennedy

Merry Christmas!

While having my coffee today, I watched the news -- a routine of mine.  I mostly tune out the clips that aren't all that interesting to me, but then a commercial came on sponsored by the Citizens Committee. This is an organization Joseph Patrick Kennedy, a former US Senator, is a spokesman for.

Mr. Kennedy is a scion of the Kennedy Clan, a powerful and rich, extremely rich, American political family.  I'm not going to go into the trials and tribulations of his life here, as we are all human and we all have had them.  Nor am I here to judge. If you're interested in reading all about it, check out the link I have provided. (Click on the title above to be re-directed).  That notwithstanding, I believe Mr. Kennedy represents a noble cause. Though a monied descendant, he has used his money and influence for the good of those of us who are less fortunate.

The world is in financial crisis. Large corporations and those elite members of the "10%", have gotten richer and more affluent on the backs of workers, our backs -- yours and mine. That raises the question: What have they done for us lately? We bailed out the banks that were too large too fail with increased taxes, only to have those in power turn around and grant themselves huge bonuses while the rest of us made do with less as we lost our homes and jobs. But I digress....

Gifts are given during the Christmas season. However, for Mr. Kennedy, every day is Christmas. Again, I stress, he has made his share of mistakes and he has made some bad decisions, but insofar as those who needed a helping hand for the most basic needs, he was, and still is, there to help provide for them.

We can all be like that. It doesn't have to be such a huge undertaking. A smile can make someone's day. It doesn't cost anything to be nice. I encourage, no-- I challenge you -- to offer someone a helping hand once in a while, a shoulder to cry on or maybe lend an ear and help someone sort out their problems just by listening.  Such small acts can be the difference for someone despairing between life and death.

My wish for this season, and for all time, is that we find the ability and the desire, to offer each other the comfort of friendship, love and maybe even that hand that will help lift up the downtrodden so that those who reached for that helping hand may pay it forward.

It's really not that lofty an idea, is it?

Happy holidays to all!!!


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