The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Coming Back!

Happy December People!

Sinner here! Minnie's at work and when she's not at work, she's working with R.J. and Adina. Who are R.J. and Adina you ask? Oh, I've asked myself that question too!! Well, I'm gonna tell you, but I think I may have already spilled the beans on something she wasn't ready to talk about just yet! Aw well, my bad!

R.J. and Adina are from her new project, Divergent Lives. You thought I was crazy? Wait 'til you get a load of those two! Jeez!

But, anyway, this post is about me, right? I was beginning to worry about my relationship with Minnie. I mean, she hasn't really had much contact with me in a while and I thought she didn't care about me any more. So, what I did was, I waited until she was distracted with other things, you know, like family and/or work. And when that didn't happen, I thought she would get into the holidays. That wouldn't work either because I remembered, she doesn't do much until the last minute. I had no choice but to invade her dreams. And guess what I found out?  She does care! She thinks about me all the time AND I also found out that she'd been thinking of bringing me back. Better still, it's going to be a reality people!  I'm so happy! Now, you will all get an opportunity to learn something new about me. YAY!!

The down side? Yes, there's a down side...the down side is that I won't have center stage. She's bringing me back at the same time that she'll introduce you all to R.J. and Adina. At first I didn't want to be associated with those two crazies, but you know what? If anyone's going to do it, it will have to be me. Who else could do these two justice? Who else could bring Minnie's work to your attention? Unless....

Oh shoot! She's home early!  Damn!  I'll have to finish this later!!

Don't say I was here.....BYE!!!


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