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The Romance Reviews

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The End of 2012 and a New Beginning: 2013

2012 was a very full and interesting year for me.

I connected with new people who will forever be a part of my life. I re-connected with some who I'd been out of touch with and ended ties with others. The one constant factor here is that everyone I've encountered in my life this year has left an indelible mark on me ... good, bad or indifferent -- that mark is there and will always be.

I had major surgery -- knee replacement -- that also left a mark on me -- not to mention a prosthetic :)

I realized that my baby boy, Dayne, is on his way to becoming a young man -- I mean, really? Where did the time go?? He's looking at Junior High Schools!! That's left a mark on me. Aging sucks man!

I released my second novel "Divergent Lives" and received four five-star reviews within the first two weeks of its release! This has left a huge mark on me. I am not only extremely grateful, but extremely humbled -- and desirous to get back to writing my urban fantasy series in order to keep my readers not only hooked, but also, hopefully, yearning for more.

As I sit here reviewing the past year, I feel like crying; crying from joy; relief and a little bit of frustration.

I am relieved because my surgery was successful and the pain I had been in over the last few years has lessened. I still need to go back and get my other knee done, but for now, I'm hoping to soon remember what it was like to climb the stairs without pain.

I am joyous because I was able to finish Divergent Lives in a flash after I was taken off medication. I am joyous because I met someone who I would eventually pass it on to -- someone who shared my vision; someone who would enjoy the process of editing it because she is just like me. Admit it, Andi -- we're cut from the same cloth :)

I am frustrated because I wish I had the means to dedicate myself to all things involved with writing and marketing/promoting my works full time. I am frustrated because as much as I would like to engage my readers on a more regular, extended basis, I can not do that. My day job, though I am grateful for that as well, demands attention during normal business hours --- and -- I have a mortgage....

I hold on to the positive experiences I've had this year and I recognize that I am truly blessed. So many people are not afforded the opportunities I have been lucky to have.

It is customary to make resolutions this time of year in the hopes that by keeping them, the person making them can be a better model of themselves a year later. Oftentimes, those resolutions aren't kept. I say, make resolutions every day. It's difficult to list all the things you want for a new year and attain all those things within a 12 month period. Why not pick one thing; one big thing and strive for achieving that in the coming year.

Placing all your focus and efforts on just one thing can open doors you never dreamed were open to you.

This year I will re-focus on putting, having and keeping faith in myself. I will remain steadfast in my determination to attain my dream even if it takes longer than 12 months.

Think about that.

To you, my readers, fans, friends, colleagues: May the year 2013 bring you much love, excellent health, joyous days and strength within yourselves to manifest the success you are worthy of!

Until then....

Happy New Year!