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Andrew Harding Guest Post - The Spirit Trilogy

Andrew Harding, Author

So far, I’ve not mentioned in any blog what the trilogy is about and as I had the choice to write what I like in this blog, I’d like to now.

The trilogy is about vampires who look after the dead. Sounds morbid, I agree, but you couldn’t be further from the truth if you tried. Yes, they look after the dead but with a compassion that puts the human race to shame. 

The story covers the reason why they were made into vampires and it's a horror story in its own right. It’s also a love story between a vampire and a human. Tricky. They would love to have a physical relationship but Danny, the eldest male of the vampires is sure it wouldn’t be possible as he could kill Leah if they ever tried to go down that road. You’d have to read the books to find out if they overcome that problem.

Three of them meet Leah, in the first chapter of the book. You can download the first few chapters as a sample on Amazon to get a good idea of Leah’s attitude. She is sarcastic, flippant, swears and was only there at the request of someone she knew wouldn’t spit on her if she was on fire. The animosity towards her, from Maggie, had been there from the first day she attended her new school, four months previous, but, it was the only way Leah would find out what Maggie and her friend Sarah had been trying to hide from her since she’d heard them talking of the spiritualist church. That’s why she accepted the offer. She was fascinated and intrigued; too much to say no.

Over the next meetings with them, Leah finds out the reason they are so compassionate, and she is drawn to them where she finds out they are all related. Her powers begin to open up and Danny helps her to control them, to stop her from being so frightened, as they were building at break-neck speed. The violent task ahead looms over them and is something they’d craved since they were turned and Leah’s powers become vital to help them achieve it.

The twist and turns in the books are mind-blowing and each one has a great ending with no cliff-hanger to force you to buy the next book. I hope you will want to read on like the first reader of Spirit. She asked me to contact her when Force was launched and a couple of days later she left another staggering review with a 5 star rating. 

Everything I’ve written on the spiritualist movement is how the smaller churches conduct things and in no way do these books denigrate them at all and some of the growing family are mediums.

Unbeknownst to the rest of his family, Danny has delved into all aspect of Divination and is a master of them all. You will have to read the trilogy to find out the repercussions that causes.

I hope I’ve given you an insight into their world. Although there are some erotic scenes; the reason the books have to go into Erotica on Amazon; they are in no way as explicit as the Hybrid Series and would be more comfortable for many to read.

The genres they cover are horror, erotic, paranormal, supernatural and romance.

I hope some of you will enjoy the quirky characters and their fascinating story.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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