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The Romance Reviews


Sinner's Ride ~~ Released 4/29/11
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Warning: Sexually graphic.  This is the story of a young girl who is sexually assaulted by her father. Her mind snaps and her life takes an unimaginable turn. Read about the ride she goes on as she tries to survive this terrible tragedy.

Divergent Lives ~~ Released 12/12/12

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Separated at birth, fraternal twins lead seemingly divergent lives until their fatal meeting. Born to immigrant parents, one is sold on the black market to a semi-rural couple; each of whom have their own dark pasts. The twins have serious issues. Fate causes them to crash into each other's lives. A shocking ending is promised!


Resurrection of Dead Dreams:
A trilogy of paranormal/urban fantasy stories centering around the Radocian Clan. The Radocians are supernatural creatures with vampire-like qualities.

Book One:
The Radocians

Introduces the Radocian Clan. The opening sequence features main character, Mica, who, at the beginning of the story hasn't made peace with having "lost" her father though years have passed. The bulk of this story takes place in post 9/11 New York City and 20th century Puerto Rico. References are made to old world Haiti and 18th century Hungary.

Book Two:
Immeasurable Kalpas

Meet Anatoly, Mica's mate and consort. Learn how, over the span of many centuries, the Radocians overcame adversity to become the most respected clan of all time. Major events in this story take place in and around Mt. Vesuvius, circa 78 - 79 AD. You'll get to know Anatoly and you will learn about the events in his life that put him in the extraordinary position he will find himself in, a position yearned for by others. A tragic event is the catalyst for Anatoly and Mica's meeting.

Book Three:
Risa's Ascension

We return to 21st century New York City and examine what the future holds for the Radocian Clan. What obstacles must Mica's daughter, Risa face as the new leader of the Radocians in modern times? Will the Clan be able to sustain its long-held position as the newest generation begins its rule?