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Joseph V. Sultana Pink Diamond Interview

Welcome to this month’s Pink Diamond Interview everybody!! We are back today with Mr. Joseph V. Sultana, author of Unsceptred Isle: Three of a Kind.

Joseph V. Sultana
Minnie and I met Joe (as we like to call him) on Twitter. It was July of last year when we began our friendship. Afterward he picked up "Sinner’s Ride." I want to take this opportunity to thank Joe for feeling like he had to protect me as he read my story. Your sentiments touch my heart and inspire me to continue to get well.

Thank you ole chap!
Before we begin, I’d like to share with you a wonderful review I found of Unsceptred Isle: Three of a Kind on written by Boris Lucic. In my humble opinion, this is an honest, well rounded review that encapsulates my and Minnie’s thoughts as we read this story.
Unsceptred Isle: Three of a Kind
“Recommended to me by a close friend I reluctantly picked up a book with seemingly pretentious title, by an unknown author and which still doesn't sell in print. Such a reminder of value of friendship and my occasional snobbery!

“The more I got drawn into the world of the Unsceptred Isle the more I wanted to investigate it for it depicts the possibilities of fear, the anatomy of terror that grows out of terror and the crumbling of humanity when the collective floods over the individual. The adage that we have nothing to fear but the fear itself seemed to echo through the pages.

“Joseph Sultana employs violence, oppression and emotion, fantastical scenery and dramatic narrative placed in a futuristic setting to explore or perhaps warn us of destructive forces that today more than ever knock at the doors of what we love to call civilisation. Exactly what to me science fiction should be all about - a tool to analyse problems of today that, masked by the familiar, may be missed.

“He manages the leap over the chasm between social constructs and personal decisions, emotions and beliefs in a manner more akin to an acrobat than a philosopher. The method certainly ensures perpetual momentum.

“Stylistically, he avoids pontificating, clichés and overused rhythmical forms opting instead for great imagination, powerful imagery, senses and convincing dialogues in every-day, language.

“Introduction to a potentially great series which I will certainly follow. Great discovery, great reed and a bloody good investment whilst still only £3.00.”

What more can you ask for? Let us begin.

Welcome Mr. Sultana!! Hope you’re comfy and ready for the inquisition.

Thank you, Miss Sinner for both a wonderful introduction, and for the exposure to your readers. Yes, I am ready.

Good!  Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Middle aged man from East London (think fat cockney) from a Maltese dad and Scottish mum. Married with children and I hate sports.

I wouldn't call you fat! So there! Let us continue.

Unsceptred Isle: Three of a Kind is a dystopian tale set in England post the 2012 Olympics. It was borne of a bet. Can you please tell us about that and also, please give us a description of the story.

The bet was a giggle Sinner. My old pal was chasing his deadline in writing a dissertation. The wager was for a coffee as I said finding 10k words in four weeks was easy. I was so wrong. He finished, and I had written 380+, but that bug thing bit me on the arse hard -- and here we are.

I love dystopian tales; stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in unusual circumstances. It’s where that cat does more than just look at a Queen.

It’s a tale where it’s hard to see who the good and the bad are. A story of self-discovery and asks the question of nature or nurture. It is violent and graphic but I refute that it’s gratuitous.

Where did you get the idea for this tale?

Nope, lost me on that one. I genuinely have no idea where it came from. I did a little research on what would happen to the UK if Scotland gained independence when I found articles on Wales and even Cornwall wanting to go it alone. The rest is history.

Please share with us what your experience has been in getting your first book published.

It’s been a real up and downer as we say here; a roller coaster ride with joys and sadness. With the help of Ruth Killeen, my agent and Percy Publishing, I have discovered that I can’t please everyone; nor should I, and that reviewers are allowed an opinion, even if it’s wrong! Ha! Ha! Ha!

You also need a hell of a lot of luck on your side as well as a firm belief in your work.

On your blog you write about your vision for at least four books in the future for this series. The second novel is entitled “Liberator.” Can you give us an idea as to what to expect in this installment? When it will be released?

Ok. It will be here around December and I am so looking forward to seeing it in print. For me, this is going to be just as important as Three of a Kind. It will prove to me that my writing success to date is not a fluke, but the result of a lot of hard work.

Oh, Sinner! I can’t tell you anything about it me dear! You’re a minx for asking! But it will be just as violent and surprising.

Minx! You called me Minx!! I love it! LOL!!

Ok, so, what is your writing process? Do you listen to music as you write? Do you edit as you go along?

I wrote Three of a Kind while traveling on the London Underground to and from work as well as during my lunch breaks. I did listen to a lot of Heaven 17. It is a UK band from the 80’s new romantic/electronic era. They are still my fave band and I found that some of the songs help me imagine scenes. That’s not to say I based anything from the music, but it did help.

Thank you gentlemen. I love you!

One thing I do which I find really helpful is this: I don’t number chapters until I know I’ve fully finished one. My inner muse is not very linear.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I don’t know what a pantser is but I don’t plot either.

The following question is my favorite question because I am nosey!! If we were to observe you in the act of writing, what would we see?

Some fat old bloke in a coffee shop, surrounded by empty flat white cups acting out some scene in his head by waving his arms.

There you go again with the "fat" comment! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

What about writers’ block? Have you suffered from it and if so, how do you go about dealing with it?

It’s one of those things. I’ve learned not to push myself as it’s counterproductive. Instead, I carry on with life with my netbook always on, just in case.

Creative types like you are admired and are inspiring to others. What advice would you give to someone who is about to begin a similar journey as yours in fulfilling a dream?

We all have dreams and nobody has a right to take that away from you.

I fully agree!

Stuff the haters and carry on. Rejection and ridicule is part of this process and you will get your fair share. But please, please, carry on writing until you decide.

Very good advice!  You're so smart! I love a smart man!

Now, shall we move on to my favorite part of the interview?  Liptonisms!!

What’s your favorite curse word?

Can I give you two?

Sure! Why not?

Ok. In England we have the word bollocks (testicles) and the good old fashioned ‘C’ word dropped into the conversation at the right point is also amazing.

Ummm.... ok. I must admit, I've used "bollocks." So what if I'm not British!

What’s your least favorite curse word?

Arsehole. It's meaningless to me as we are all arseholes to someone somewhere.

Hahaha! I never looked at it that way!

So, if you had to choose one superhuman power, what would it be and how would you use it for the greater good?

I do have a superpower. I am a world builder and I have to always make sure there is hope for everyone!

Great answer! I think that may be the best one yet!

Who or what do you most admire?

Firstly my children. They inspire me every day, in every way and flat white coffee. Mmm!

If you could travel through time, where would you like to end up and what would you do there?

I think the dark ages. I love the fact we know nothing about it.

If you could shape shift, who or what would you be?

Not sure I want to be someone else so perhaps I'd like to be a painting in the Louvre?

Aw, Mr. Sultana! You just want the women to endlessly gaze lovingly at you! You really just want to grow your harem of beautiful women, don't you?

Sinner, you are a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart! Thank you again for this interview. I hope it won’t bore too many of your readers and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


Joseph V. Sultana

We love you too Mr. Sultana!! And I seriously doubt you'll be boring anyone!  Thank you for playing!

So, my friends, there you have it!  Unsceptred Isle: Three of a Kind is available for purchase on as well as on the Percy Publishing websites.  For more information on Joe, check him out!!

Until next time my friends, this is Sinner Reems, signing off!!


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