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Guest Blog - Joseph V. Sultana

Lesson Learned or, Ouch! That Hurts!!

Joseph V. Sultana
I first met the lovely @Lahongrais some time back on Twitter. She was one of the first American people to graciously give time to follow me. Soon we were regularly chatting about writing, life, etc. and became mutual fans, so it was a no brainer as we say, in agreeing to write for her.
The subject today is lesson learned or ouch, that hurts.

My writing career has been small compared to others, but that’s not to say it’s any less bereft of the bitterness of rejection and disappointment. But I have loved every single sweep of the second hand on its journey around the watch face.

I have discovered there are reviewers and people with opinions. I’ve decided to not read either, but instead listen to the comments of readers, both who liked Unsceptred Isle and those whom have hated it.

Let’s face it. We as writers are going to be unable to please everyone, aren't we?

I have also found that a great story isn’t really enough to sell books, but we also need a bucket of luck to make sure the right time plus the right place and us, all collide in a big bang of "Hell yes! Lets publish!"

Then there are the people who are not just investing their hard earned money in keeping the wolf from their door, but they also invest a little piece of themselves, their time and emotions. All of which are priceless. We as writers need to acknowledge this by repeatedly asking for more as we pour more of our imaginings on the new pages of the new chapters of the new books we write.

Another something I discovered, is measuring success. How do we do it? Sales? Profit? Everyone will have a different opinion and quite rightly so. For me it’s simply being read. That’s it! I’ll leave the numbers crunching to Percy Publishing and my agent Ruth Killeen. I don’t want to know how many we’ve sold or how many more we need to sell to meet a milestone.

For me the buzz is when someone like Hollywood scriptwriter and actress @Michele_Martin hooks up with me on Twitter and says how she is enjoying the novel. Or, when someone from a signing takes time to write to me to thank me for the entertainment. I mean they thank us! It's always a humbling experience,  I think.

In the end I love writing. I love meeting people. I adore the attention. And where this came from? I have no idea! I’m just happy that this particular bug bit my arse that day.

Thank you Minnie for taking an interest in this particular cockney. I do love what you do and for me, Sinner"s book is so far the best of the year.

Take care me dear, see you in the twitterverse.

Joseph V.


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  1. Joe, Thank you for all of your love and support!! It is our pleasure to help bring you to the masses :)

    Sinner and Minnie :)